How to Play Table Top Bean Bags

Here is one way of ‘How to Play’.   Try all different ways!!!  Just have Fun!


Setting Up The Game

v     The distance between boards varies according to age and skill level (3-5 feet).

v     Kids 1-3 feet, adults & experienced players 4-5 feet apart.

v     Players sit or stand behind one board, taking turns tossing 4 beanbags at the target.



 v     For 2 or 4 players (2 teams).

v     Team partners face each other from opposite boards.

v     Play starts at either board.  After 1st. round scoring team tosses first.

v     Players take turns tossing bean bags until all 8 are thrown.

*When tossing, stand or sit behind the boards so your hand doesn’t cross the front of the board.  


     v     First team to 21 points wins the game.

v     3 points for each bag in and through the hole.

v     1 point for each bag on the board.

v     Scoring is difference in the team totals.  For example: After all the bags are tossed;  if 1st. team scores 5 points & 2nd team scores 2 points, only 1st. gets 3 points.  (5-2=3).

v     Bags pushed in through the hole by another bag count as 3 points too.

v     A whitewash is a score of 11-0.  Game over!!!!

v     You can vary the game & the way to score any way that works for you.-HAVE FUN

 Game can be set up for 1 player also.  Just place board 2-5 feet away from yourself.  Use 4 or 8 beanbags.



Contact the BagLady @  708-460-8984 or

www.Tabletopbeanbaggames.com or


Not for 3 years old & younger

Choking Hazard, small parts


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